Ready to put a few hats back on the rack? 

Get your scrolling finger ready! It's time to see how I can help you. Let me hear you say Sayonara to feeling overwhelmed and hola to clear, concise and fun digital marketing.

Digital Marketing


Get your scrolling finger ready! It's time to see how I can help you. 


I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say that if you’ve landed on this page it’s because you …  

Have a touch of writer's block? 

Want to be the leader in your industry, but something else pops up every time you sit down to write

Spend hours (or even days) trying to think of creative ideas, let alone write them down

Second guess what you have to say (aka your backspace key is noticeably faded compared to the other keys)

Constantly scroll the gram, read blogs and sign up for free webinars, only to feel even more lost, overwhelmed and confused  



What's that, you want prices first? Click here 

Social Media Marketing

Establish your brand voice and becoming a leader in your industry 

Build a loyal audience online but have no idea where to start

Actually, see results for hours spent thinking of and creating content 

Have a solid and actionable social media strategy to grow your business 

Get out of “I’ll post when I feel like it” and post engaging content consistently across your channels 

Forget expensive retainers and lock-in contracts, only pay for the services you need.

Sure social media is a great tool to leverage your business, but if your strategy relies on posting pet photos and your favourite foods, you might be feeling a bit meh. When you're ready  to 

Let’s figure out exactly what your business needs to stand out in the social media world, take action and get your name out there!  


Social Media Packages Start from $500

Content Creation 

Gifs. Reels. Videos. Photography. Graphics  
In an online world where we shop with our eyes, your visual brand has never been more important.
Does this sound familiar? 

You're ready to communicate your brand through fun graphics, engaging videos and beautiful images 

You know “the future is video” but can barely manage photos let alone hit record

Your aesthetic is more Grandma's spare bedroom than gram-worthy and in desperate need of an update 

You're keen to create your own meaningful content, but have no idea where to start and need support 



If you’re ready to boost your engagement, gain new followers and jump on trending content, let’s get creating. 

Content Creation Starts from $800

Kind words from clients


"Erin is such a pleasure to work with. She offers advice and guidance to ensure the targeted market is reached and engaged. Her fresh approach to our social media strategy has dramatically increased our reach and online presence. Erin is professional with fortnightly schedules and quarterly reports, and always responds to emails and enquiries promptly and constructively. Thanks Erin."


"Erin has been absolutely instrumental in the successful creation, setup, marketing, launch and execution of my signature Coaching Program. She is an incredible operator and she has been integral to the transformation in my business in the past 4 months. The value she brings to my business is phenomenal."

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