Hi, I'm Erin!

Copywriter and SEO strategist

Helping ambitious health professionals get more eyes šŸ‘€ on their website so they can stop hustling on social media for leads

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SEO Strategy

Want to tap into the potential of SEO, but have no idea how to get started?Ā 

Iā€™ll create an easy-to-implement SEO strategy that not only translates Google into plain-english but actually teaches you how to optimise your website.Ā 

VIP Copywriting Day

While some projects need weeks to brew, others can be smashed out in a day, and thatā€™s exactly why my VIP Days have become myĀ  most requested service.Ā 

Itā€™s quickĀ copywriting, without compromising on quality.

This is my go-to service for health professionals looking for an experienced health writer.Ā  Whether you need standout website copy, a high-converting sales page, or engaging emails and blogs, weā€™ll get so much done for you in just one day.


Hey, I'm Erin

I, like you, am also a health professional.

I know your audience, and understand converting a client is more complex than telling them what you do.

And I’ve been where you are – throwing all my energy into gaining followers quickly and creating online courses, only to hear crickets when I launch.Ā 

You see, the thing is, most of us go through the same training, so when we decide to start our own business, how do we stand out from the 1,000 other physios, psychologists or dietitians doing the same thing?Ā 

Copywriting & strategic SEO 

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