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Freelance health & SEO copywriter

When translating your world-changing ideas into digestible web-sized bites seems impossible, I’ve got you!

Website copywriting that's SEO optimised

Don’t speak SEO? Let me translate. 

I write crisp, crunchy and cured content your dream clients love and Google understands. 

Whether you’re a designer or doctor, I help service-based businesses stand out online with captivating, on-brand & meaningful copywriting.

You butter believe it.

Melbourne Copywriter

A food-obsessed, pun-loving, creative ready to write captivating copy for you

I’ve always been a creative person (I mean, growing up in a town of 1,000 people requires a certain level of imagination). When I wasn’t busy playing McLeod’s Daughters in the back paddock, you’d find me rehearsing my cooking show in front of the mirror. While I dreamed of becoming the next Jamie Oliver, reality had other plans. After a stint in health as a Dietitian, a short diversion into digital marketing, and a swift transition into copywriting, I decided to combine all three. Now you’ll find me writing words for some of Australia’s biggest health brands. 

Let’s give ’em something to taco ’bout!

I'm going to take a stab in the dark and guess you're here because … 

  • You want to make a splash in your industry with crystal clear, fun and engaging copy  
  • You spend hours staring at the screen, waiting for the words to come. But nada. 
  • You second, guess what you have to say. AKA your backspace key is noticeably faded compared to the other keys
  • You feel lost, confused and overwhelmed when it comes to writing your who, what and why 
  • You’re sick of wasting your precious time & ready to take copywriting off your to-do list

Copywriting Services

Helping service-based businesses stand out online with captivating, on-brand & meaningful copywriting

SEO COPYWRITING (450 × 600 px)

SEO Copywriting

Sure, you have a website or plan on building one, but what’s the point if no one can find it? A website without SEO copywriting is like eating a cheeseburger without cheese. Meh. Get found on Google more often with SEO-optimised copy sprinkled with relevant short, long-tail and LSI keywords.

Health Copywriting

I have a knack for translating complex health messages into simple, easy-to-understand words and use my healthcare background to create reliable, evidence-based and (most importantly) APRHA compliance content. Whether you need help fleshing out your website copy, updating fact sheets or regular blogs for an SEO boost, let’s tick health writing off your list.


Email Copywriting

Do email marketing, they said. It will be good, they said. Sound familiar? Have you got an email list that’s collecting virtual dust? Let’s ignite the fire and warm those potential leads with zesty, on-brand words fresh out of the oven. Whether you need help creating a welcome sequence or bi-weekly emails, let’s write content your audience can’t wait to open.


Ready to be copywriting BFFs? Me too!
Before we make our secret handshake official let’s keep the boss (you) happy by sticking to the budget. 

Our words in the wild

Kind Words

Why would I write my own emails when I have Erin! What can I say. I used to spend hours thinking of clever, engaging and fun ways to promote my products through email. Now I have Erin. She's quick, to the point and always on-brand.
With Erin's SEO research, guidance and writing, we're now somewhere I never thought we'd be. On the 1st page of Google, and the best part, it's organic traffic, so completely free.
Lusheri Design
The best part about working with Erin was her ease of taking what we'd spoken about in our brainstorming session and translating that onto the page, helping me make faster connections with my clients.
Ceremonies Inspired by You

Ready to translate your world-changing ideas into web-sized nuggets?