Hola. I'm Erin

Believe it or not, being a copywriter wasn’t always my childhood dream. 

It took me a year to make it through Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone, so it was safe to say I didn’t hold firm hopes of becoming a literary genius.

Skip forward a couple of decades. I’m sitting on a couch in South Africa, with no visa, no job, and no prospects of owning my Biltong store anytime soon; I turned to online job hunting. 

As much as I’d like to say I took steps to become a youtube sensation with millions of subscribers living off ad royalties, I’m thrilled with my decision to dive into a career in writing.

I signed up for the Australian writers centre course and got to work. While this was a great platform to get started, I was by no means a formally trained writer.

With a hefty study loan already looming over my head (a now irrelevant degree, a story for another day), heading back to uni wasn’t an option.

So instead, I grabbed myself the best mentors in the business, found companies willing to give me a chance and now write for some household names in Australia and overseas.

After breaking off to work as an SEO specialist for two years, I now work predominantly in SEO copywriting, helping skyrocket websites into the Google stratosphere to be found by eager customers ready to spend their money.

I’ve got a hundred other stories I could share. If you want to know more, I’m always keen to chat over wine, coffee, or a bucket of popcorn, because I know you have a hundred stories I’d love to hear about you too!