VIP Copywriting Day

Does sitting down to write feel like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded?

Whether you need a website refresh, a high-converting sales page, or an intricate 4-6-part email funnel

Do yourself a favour and take health & SEO copywriting off your to-do list.

Every minute spent staring at a blank page is an opportunity slipping through your fingers

While some projects need weeks to brew, others only take a day, and that’s exactly why I introduced VIP Days (and why they’re becoming my most requested service). 

It’s quick copywriting without compromising on quality.

Need standout website copy, a high-converting sales page, or engaging emails and blogs?

Book me (an audience-driven copywriter) for 6 hours and consider it done.

In just one day, Erin accomplished what would have taken me weeks

Jodie Sheraton

Founder Elevated Dietetics

How VIP Days Work

Book your day

Need crystal-clear copy that converts? Click the link below, pick your date, share your project details, and secure your session with a payment.

Questions & Contract

Dive into your online portal to find a contract and a detailed questionnaire. Complete these before our session to maximise time on our VIP day. 

On the day*

We’ll meet (online) at 9 a.m. to unpack the task/s for the day, and then I’ll get to writing. By day’s end, you’ll have compelling, ready-to-publish health focused & SEO copy that reflects your voice and captivates your audience.

The Investment

$1,000 (exc. GST)

*You’re not required for the full 6 hours, but we’ll touch base throughout the day.

What we can tick-off in a VIP day

Take your pick ...

I loved that the whole project was done and dusted in one day. I would definitely recommend Erin for anything copy, website related. So efficient!

Prue Mynard

Founder - What's Prue Cooking

Ready to take copywriting off your to-do list?